When you’re considering buying a portable power washer or mini jet-wash, the most important consideration is whether such a product is suitable for the role you have in mind.

You could be a dog owner or walker, horse owner, eventer, mountain biker, own a classic car –  and so have different requirements.  But one of the most common questions is what the pressure is.  Is it enough to clean clay off an eventing horse?  Gentle enough to shower a dog? Good enough for my car? Etc

Water pressure is part of the consideration.  Generally with the typical high-volume fixed-to -a -tap washers, the higher the pressure the more force there is in the water coming out of the jet.  That’s how they’re great for cleaning patios.

The PSI/Bar measurement is actually taken within the hose.  It’s one measurement, not a range.   So it’s important to compare like with like.  

The actual consideration is the cleaning performance/effectiveness.  This is down to the flow of water and how the spray nozzle on the spray gun is designed.  You could have another product with a similar PSI which is less effective because of the design of the spray-gun or diameter of the hose.