JetWet® Portable Power Washer

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£85.00 inc vat

Lightweight and compactable design is powered by either the internal rechargeable battery or a car power cord, with a 6 bar output. The internal bag carries 9 litres of water, enough to clean a couple of bikes.

It’s packed with simple and handy features:

  • Easy to lift using the two side grab handles
  • Easy to carry thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap;
  • Store your extra stuff in the two extra inside and outside expandable pockets

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Compact, lightweight, simple to operate and effective sport power washer that you carry over your shoulder.

  • Up to 30 mins’ run time on battery
  • 3m (10ft) long Nylex hose
  • Easy to remove and fill water bag
  • Adjustable spray tip converts from solid pencil to shower mist
  • 9 litres water capacity
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • 21 day money-back guarantee.

Additional information

Power Source

12V Connection to car or built-in rechargeable battery

Working pressure

0.25-0.6MPA (36~87PSI)

Water bag volume

1.98 gallons / 9 litres

Flow rate (L/min)


Time to empty water bag

4.5 minutes

Battery type

12V/2200mAh Lead-acid battery

Voltage (V)


Current (Amp)


Running time per charge

30 minutes

Charge time

Up to 2.5 hours

Charging indicator on Charger

Red: in charging; Green: fully Charged

Product dimension

32.8cm x 26.2cm x 32.3cm

Weight (empty)


Weight (full of water)



3 meters PVC hose (10feet)

14 reviews for JetWet® Portable Power Washer

  1. Keith

    No more muddy spaniels

    With three working English Springer Spaniels that could find the mud in a desert , the saving grace has been found ! The Jetwet power washer !!! Absolutely the most useful gadget i,ve bought in a very long time , I have had springers most of my life , so muddy walks etc are part of the norm , but now no more seeking an elelucive hose pipe or need for bucket , a quickclick of a switch , medium pressure or soft spray and the dogs are clean , dried off a bit and back in the car ! Any one who owns a dog , lives in the country , or enjoys the outside life doing any outside pursuits , from hiking to motor biking will find the Jetwet the most useful tool to own !!! Brilliant idea !!

  2. Greg

    Buy it , it’s awesome

    I looked long and hard at portable washers and then I found the Jetwet. It ticked all the boxes so the order went in.
    Super quick delivery! The Jetwet is good to go out of the box (needs water obviously ). I am a surfer and I also kayak, first time out I washed down 2 kayaks and kit down at the beach, went home topped up the water and washed my car and the battery was still going…brilliant or wot!! Water capacity is brilliant, battery power lasts and it is fitted out to be really robust. The hardware is best quality. Worth every penny. You don’t need to look anywhere else… get a Jetwet you won’t be disappointed.

  3. JM

    Great Buy

    This is a very handy water pressure machine. We use the spray on gentle mist foe the front garden plants. It will be used for washing down mud off my dogs. Also great for welly washing. Even going to use it to clean outside Windows. Great buy.

  4. N Mason

    Perfect. 100% happy

    April 2019 , I purchased this jetwet, had a little problem with water tank, contacted customer service, they sent a replacement fast post, their service in dealing with me was 100% , i would say get one of these they do the job and came at a bargain price, . just to add im in Worcestershire, thank you

  5. Sgt Rock

    Clean bike, Clean car and less time cleaning.
    Purchased a JetWet portable washer just before Christmas, before the sale . Used it three times for cleaning my cyclocross bike after one long monster cross ride and two CX races and I am really pleased with the washer. Basically it has just enough pressure and flow, and water capacity to do a great job and means the bike goes back in the car clean.
    Battery is fine, haven’t run it to flat yet. Nozzle works well and is not a crappy plastic affair. Overall quality is very good. I think the whole package works really well. Definitely recommend if you ride in the mud, saves me a lot of time trying to clean off dried on mud when I get home.

  6. Michelle

    Wonderful jetwet

    I couldn’t believe it when i first used my first Jetwet on my showjumpers. I just laughed because this is exactly the product I’ve been looking for for years. it’s so easy to carry, so easy to use and adjust. I can imagine people with this ringside or at the end of cross country courses. Wonderful. So good i bought a second one for my other box. Highly recommended.

  7. Hudgon

    Brilliant tool

    Great piece of kit, very powerful for its size!

  8. Chloe

    Buy one, you won’t regret it!

    Ordered Thursday, arrived on Friday. Easy to use, lightweight and a long hose which makes life easier. Battery not too noisy, so perfect for our horses. Would definitely recommend!

  9. Rob Ed


    This is awesome, great portability with the battery too.
    I use it to clean my bikes but also external areas of my house where the hose won’t reach such as on my conservatory roof, as it gets really dirty with tree sap so this makes cleaning it much easier.

  10. Danni

    The Jetwet was recommended to me by a friend/co-worker (dog walker). I was a little dubious to start with as I had previously had a different make of washer which was more expensive and only lasted a few months.
    The Jetwet has exceeded all of my expectations. The pressure is perfect (and adjustable) strong enough to remove dirt without hurting the dogs.
    The hose length is great as it allows me to keep the Jetwet in the car while I wash the dogs outside.
    I’ve never run out of battery, but I do charge it regularly, as recommended.
    And I’ve only run out of water once while washing 5 dogs, one of which had smothered itself in fox poo. I had a spare bottle of water with me, so filled the bag and continued. Easy.
    Would (and have) recommend to others.

  11. Craig Glover

    Purchased a Jetwet as we regularly walk our spaniels and use it to clean them after a muddy walk. It has great pressure but not enough to cause any pain to the pooches. The nozzle did break after about 10 months of regular use but after contacting the customer services the supplied a new one without charge in a few days. Great product and great customer services.

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Received my JetWet the next day after ordering, even during COVID lockdown. Brilliant bit of kit for cleaning my bike off before putting it back in the car and taking camping. Brilliant service. Brilliant price

  13. Colin Cook (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant washer so good I’ve just bought another one the service is outstanding..
    Even with corvid 19 they still look after you .
    I highly recommend this company.


  14. Janet Carter

    Excellent piece of equipment. I use it on my bike and the dog, who manages to find mud any where in the woods.
    Easy to charge at home and the car, works well off the charger in the car (old cigarette lighter). Highly recommended.

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