Over 26% of UK households own a dog. And that equates to 9m dogs in the UK making them the most popular pet.

That’s a lot of dogs with wet or muddy paws on car seats and carpets or leaving a trail of happy poor prints in people’s homes after exercise.

The JetWet sports power washer is perfect for dog walkers and owners for gently and safely removing accumulated mud on paws and for an all-over shower for most dogs (and as a handy piece of kit for taking to dog shows).

And it’s not only the dogs which are taking mud into cars. How about their owners?

More recently Alabama Rot – or cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) to give it its formal name – has come into the headlines for the horrifying images of the effect the disease on dogs.

While still relatively very rare, the causes of CRGV still seem to be unknown. However, the majority of dogs which have been treated had been exercised in muddy and/or woodland areas.

As a result, some dog owners are taking the precaution of cleaning their dogs now they have the option of JetWet: a lightweight, compact fully portable mini shower with ample supply of water and fully adjustable range of water flow and pressure (think small dog, big dog!). At a very cost-effective price.