The benefits of cleaning your bike are numerous:

  • It continues to look nice
  • It’s easier to ride when it’s not weighed down by dried on mud
  • The drive train and brakes work better
  • The drive train will last longer (and more slickly when it’s been relubed)
  • And cleaning it while the mud and dirt is fresh will save you time and effort.

So, what could be simpler than cleaning a bike?

It’s not a difficult job, and is made much easier when using a JetWet sport power washer.

You can keep the JetWet in the back of your car, grab the hose, switch it on and spray down your pride and joy. And the secret to cleaning your bike effectively is gravity and an open nozzle. In case that’s not occurred to you, he’s how to do it and why. Follow these tips for a quick job well done.

  • Start at the top of your bike. The dirt that you clean off will either fall to the ground or onto lower parts of your bike. if you start at the bottom, you will waste time because where you’ve just cleaned will be covered in dirt from the top of the bike.
  • Open up the spray gun nozzle. When it’s on the narrow pencil setting it makes a nice tinging sound as the jet hits the frame of your bike. But, open it up a little and you will achieve a wider spray which in turn will clean a wider cleaning area, and the job will be done more quickly.
  • Aim underneath the saddle so that the muck under there falls down over the wheels and lower frame.
  • Move around the bike making short blasts at the different areas.  This will help save water.
  • Once the majority of the bike is clean, aim the nozzle upwards underneath the crank and bottom bracket area. Some of the dirt will land upwards but then you simply spray that off.

In the end, you should typically be done in a few minutes and should use about half a bag of water. A job well done, without wasting water and without damaging the bearings and seals which can happen with high powered washers.