Frequently Asked Questions

General product questions

How much water does it hold?

It holds 9 litres/2 imperial gallons, enough to clean a couple of bikes.

How powerful is it?
The Sport Power Washer is designed to provide between 36PSI and 87PSI (2.5 to 6 Bar), enough to blast dirt, sand and mud from your boots, bikes, car wheels, and gentle enough to be used as a shower. It’s perfect for safely cleaning bikes, camping gear, canoes, surfing gear, horses and dogs… And it saves water.
How long is the spray hose?
It’s about 10 feet (3m).
How long is the power cord?
It’s also about 10 feet (3m).
Can I use it on my pet?
Yes, absolutely. It’s fully adjustable and safe.
What if the battery runs out of charge?
You can run the Jetwet from your car. Just plug it into your car’s power port using the cable provided. You’ll find that in the pocket on bottom left hand side.
How do I refill the JetWet?

1. Remove the internal water container by using the simple disconnect.
2. Take the water bag to a water source and fill.
3. Pop the water bag back in the washer and reconnect the hoses.

How do I recharge the battery?

We provide a simple to use mains charger which you plug into the recharging port that’s on the switch plate.

How long does it take to recharge?

It depends on how long you’ve used the washer for. It’s best for battery life to recharge it after each use. Initially, it can take about 90 minutes.

How hot can the water be that I can use?

We recommend that you use water at a temperature that you’re comfortable holding your hand in.  

Can I add additives or soap to the water?

No, this is not recommended because it could damage the pump and other materials used in and manufacture.

How do I know when the battery is charged?

The indicator light on the charger will glow red when not fully charged, and green when it is.

Warranty and service

How long does it take to deliver?
Orders placed by noon are delivered the next day.
How is it shipped?
It is delivered in the original shipping carton and delivered by DPD.
As we sell only from the internet we don’t need waste packaging by creating an unnecessary display box. However, you won’t be disappointed when you open it.
For how long is the guarantee?
The guarantee is for one year.
Are spare parts available?
Certain parts are available. In other cases if there is a problem we may have to replace the complete product. But we hope it doesn’t come to that.

In a nutshell.

Easy to carry

Effective, lightweight adjustable spray gun

9 litre detachable water bag

Internal rechargeable 12 V battery

12 V car power cord