Portable Pressure Washer for Bikes

Bikes take a lot of abuse so it’s time to take care of them

Portable Pressure Washer for Bikes

Bikes take a lot of abuse so it’s time to take care of them

Next day delivery within the UK

21 day money back guarantee

One year warranty

Clean your bike.
Quickly. Easily.

The components of your bike are designed to take you up and down, round and round, in dry and wet conditions – for miles.

Rather than leave them caked in mud and all they can collect from nature, with a JetWet® it’s easy and quick to restore them to a clean state.

Good for your bike.

Effective and quick cleaning with the minimum amount of water

Simple targeting of smaller and larger areas by adjusting the spray nozzle

Safe around bearings and seals

Helps prolong the life of your drive-train when used in conjunction with good cleaning fluids and lubes

Good for you.

It’s convenient

Rather than throwing the bike back in the car, pause for a moment and clean your bike there and then.

Saves time

Cleaning your bike before the mud dries saves you time when you get home.

Keeps you clean

Adjust the spray and rinse off any dirt you’ve also picked up along the way.

No assembly needed. Just switch it on.

Compact and balanced proportions

Make it easier to carry around and store in the back of your car.

In a nutshell.

Easy to carry

Effective, lightweight adjustable spray gun

9 litre detachable water bag

Internal rechargeable 12 V battery

12 V car power cord

What do you think?

Buy one, you won’t regret it!

Easy to use, lightweight and a long hose which makes life easier. Battery not too noisy, so perfect for our horses. Would definitely recommend!

No more muddy Spaniels

With three working English Springer Spaniels that could find the mud in a desert , the saving grace has been found ! Absolutely the most useful gadget I’ve bought in a very long time.

Buy it, it’s awesome.

I looked long and hard at portable washers and then I found the Jetwet. It ticked all the boxes. Brilliant or wot! You don’t need to look anywhere else.