JetWet® Sport
Power Washer

A little water goes
a long way

JetWet® Sport
Power Washer

A little water goes a long way

Next day delivery within the UK

21 day money back guarantee

One year warranty

Compact. Lightweight.
Simple. Effective.

The JetWet® sport power washer is a unique compactable design of portable pressure washer made from a tough light nylon outer. Just like a rucksack, it’s easy to carry, and features an easy-to-remove refillable water bag inside. It optimises size, weight and capacity – and at the same is effective at cleaning the outdoors from you, your horses, dogs and gear.

Made for your
next adventure.

Our spray gun.
Secret weapon?

Made from metal yet still lightweight. Fits neatly in your hand, with adjustable reach and a lovely soft grip material. Easy to adjust metal nozzle tip from a ‘pencil’ to a fine spray, via a really useful wider and full-on spray.

Funky hose.
It won’t fight you.

Made with a colourful braided outer, it doesn’t have the preformed kink of typical hoses which sometimes can be a battle to roll up.

water bag.

Holds 9 litres (1.9 gallons), enough water to clean a couple of reasonably muddy bikes, and ample for cleaning dogs and horses. Spray time 4.5 minutes.

In a nutshell.

Easy to carry

Effective, lightweight adjustable spray gun

9 litre detachable water bag

Internal rechargeable 12 V battery

12 V car power cord

What do you think?

Buy one, you won’t regret it!

Easy to use, lightweight and a long hose which makes life easier. Battery not too noisy, so perfect for our horses. Would definitely recommend!

No more muddy Spaniels

With three working English Springer Spaniels that could find the mud in a desert , the saving grace has been found ! Absolutely the most useful gadget I’ve bought in a very long time.

Buy it, it’s awesome.

I looked long and hard at portable washers and then I found the Jetwet. It ticked all the boxes. Brilliant or wot! You don’t need to look anywhere else.